Espanyol football academy

 Under the slogan "from the heart of Spain to Ajman" has been launched, "Espanyol Academy" under the guidance dignified vigorous and follow up of HH Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, "may God preserve him," the President of Ajman Holding Group, in early 2014, where he was contracted with the Spanish club Espanyol, which is one of the oldest clubs specialized in the field of sports and academic work, which includes more than 25 academic scattered around the world of football training in accordance with the best sports practices, and the most important sports agreement between the two items are the exchange of bilateral experiences in the training areas and academic visits, and providing Quattro Center Spanish supervisory staff technician with experience in the relevant field, as well as providing Quattro team training and management of the citizens of the owners of experiences and testimonies and those with high levels of long and distinguished career mathematically.
In February 2014 These efforts culminated in a visit CEO of Espanyol "Juan Colette", which was received by HH Sheikh Ammar bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, "may God preserve him," the Crown Prince of the Emirate of Ajman, where he opened the academy sides officially, showing the president, "Colette" surprise sporting possibilities that have academic and keep up the spirit of development and modernity through its facilities which conform with the aspirations of both sides mathematically.
Managed Espanyol Academy of achieving quality and comprehensive development because they contain a modern and sophisticated pitches, provided crews sports expert in the field of football science, sports, cultural, societal and programs adopted and raised throughout the year, and provided to a number of logistics involved on is open all year round, providing medical examinations sports free to its members, and build bridges of cooperation with sports facilities and institutions, and participation of all nationalities to join and both, so as to strengthen ties with customers and provide a genuine partnership with government and private agencies, and to achieve self-financing through the investment facilities of the center and the academy through the establishment of (12 share) sports amonthly.

  • More than 25 Academy around the world.

  • Modern playgrounds complete of equipment and services.

  • Technical supervision of the Spanish and coaches and administrators for nationals  a training  holders a high level.

  • Programs, sports and cultural activities and distinctive.

  • Registration is open all year .

  • 12 class by month.

  • It allows the participation of all nationalities.

  • Free medical checkups.

registration conditions :

  •   Approval from parents

  • copy of the passport or identity + personal image.

  • Pass a medical examination.

  • Subscription fee of 600 dirhams a month +300 AED clothes.

  • It allows the registration of players from 5-16 years old.

  • Special Discounts for brothers.